Friday, May 22, 2009

compare and contrast

It's been a crazy week, and I have oodles upon oodles of meals to upload - I haven't even had time for my weekly allergy shot yet! I have a lot to talk about, including a new hobby, but that'll probably have to wait a little bit. Just don't be surprised if one day there's like 30 new posts, k?

After taking a week or so off from weigh-ins, I'm happy to report that I've now lost 45 lbs, which is absolutely freaking nuts! My big ol' goal is to lose 129 in total, but 45's a great start, and I'll take it!!! I think sometimes it's really easy to forget the big picture, and focus too much on the little things. When this whole thing first started, I was super cautious about everything, and would eat like a really picky bird. Now I look more at my ratios of carbs, protein and fat, the calories I consume and whether or not they're foods worthy of the impact they make. I still don't do net calories (in vs. out), because that's just too complicated for me right now. Heck, I never did Weight Watchers because the Point system was too complicated for me! Anyways, the point is, if I want a brownie, I eat a brownie. Guac? sure, no problem! Last night in fact, I was like 300 calories under my minimum for the day after eating dinner, so what did I do? Headed over to TCBY for a giant small bowl of Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough. Hey, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!

To further my point, some pictures. If you're a personal BFF, you've most likely seen these before, so feel free to skip over. This from Thanksgiving 2008, and while it's horribly unflattering, it shows how big I was - I'm wearing a size 24/26 and am around 290 lbs.

Here is Easter 2009 - I was in a size 20 and weighing around 260. The numbers didn't seem big, and neither did the measurements, but a picture is really worth a thousand words.

I don't normally put out such truths about myself, but this was worth it. I'm not ashamed of my weight or embarrassed of what people may think, because I'm proud of myself, how far I've come and how I'll be going: in style.

Vote for my doesn't-make-it-to-spaghetti in Daregal's recipe contest, which is open to voters until June 5th.


E said...

I voted!

Stephanie said...

That's amazing Carly! Wow, what a huge different, you look incredible and I am SO proud of you!

I also voted!


Lost In Splendor said...

I voted and there is a big difference in the photos. You look lovely. I'm excited to watch you continue your journey.