Friday, October 3, 2008

Monday Meal Plan

Last week, the meal plan didn't go quite as well as I'd planned. Don't get me wrong, it worked out better than I thought it would, but some things didn't make the final cut!
  • Monday's breakfast risotto came out great; I did make some adjustments, but around here, that's business as usual! I halved the butter, subbed a pumpkin pie spice blend for the individual spices, subbed brown sugar Splenda for the regular brown sugar and for the liquid, I used 1 part apple juice to 3 parts fat free milk. However, I made it in a 6 qt. crockpot, which meant I ended up having to double the recipe so that it would cook properly, and it made way too much. I put some of it in the freezer until I could figure out what to do with it all, and the hardboiled eggs didn't happen, much to E's chagrin.
  • Tuesday went well and the enchiladas were delicious, and very filling! I added in some canned sliced black olives, fresh spinach and cilantro in before baking, so ixnay on the salad, and we were in a rush, so I didn't make the beans either.
  • Wednesday went off perfectly, we ate everything, and it was delicious! I made very few substitutions, because I used both fat-free milk and cream cheese. Next time I make the quiche, I'll use frozen spinach instead of the fresh - it's a substitution that can easily save 10 minutes of the prep time. Also, I would used whipped cream cheese for the peppers for easier spreading, and I will dry the peppers after slicing so that the cream cheese will adhere a little better.
  • Thursday went off well, too - I was a little dumb and scheduled 2 crockpot dishes in one day, and ended up making the potatoes on the stove top. Note to self: get a 4 qt. crockpot! The lasagna was great, and I didn't make any changes - next time I make it, though, I'll probably crack the lid for the last couple of hours, as there was a ton of liquid at the bottom of the crock. Also, I don't think I'd make the potatoes on the stove top again, but I think they'd be much improved made in the crockpot or roasted in the oven.
  • Friday was a good day - more on that later this week!
  • Saturday, E came home, and we went out for dinner with Travis, so I was off duty!
  • Sunday's meal didn't happen, either - E made us some modified Reubens (him no meat, me no swiss) instead, and boy, was it good!

Now for this week's meal plan!

Monday -Broccoli and 3 Cheese Soup, Irish Soda Bread, steamed baby carrots

Tuesday - Brie en Croute, Cheese Fondue with sourdough bread and baby carrots

Wednesday - probably the Crustless Quiche again, but we may just scratch that and eat en route to the concert

Thursday - French Onion Soup, casserole of some sort

Friday, Saturday - away for a friend's wedding

Sunday - Picnic at Home: Brie en Croute, deviled eggs, cheese plate, olives and pickles(?), pasta salad of some sort (anyone have a simple recipe?)


Jenn said...

did you forget to send ME RECIPES:)

Donna said...

The pasta salad I make is delicious as you know and you can simplify it by just leaving out the veggies. Boil some pasta til al dente. For a dressing add 1/2 a vinegrette (I like a zesty italian) and 1/2 a cream (I like a creamy garlic or ranch) lots of basil (I use dried cuz I don't know any better)a little dijon, some olive juice if you have it and whatever veggies you have time to add. No veggies will still have the same great flavor but I would try to add a little onion sliced thin if possible.