Thursday, June 18, 2009

back for good

hey guys, what's up?

it's amazing that it's been so hard for me to post lately - even though it sometimes feels like i'm chit-chatting away to myself, i really love having a little space of my very own, and being able to share it with all of you. there's been so much going on lately; a new little princess in the family, vacations, dilemmas, celebrations. so much to talk about, and hundreds of pictures that to upload, and still...nothing.

i feel like i'm regressing.
at this point, almost 50 pounds are gone, and as of monday, the show will be over, and it'll be back to normal, whatever that means. i can't see myself (or E, for that matter) no longer caring about what we're trying to accomplish, and going back to the way we were, which eliminates that concern. it's a slippery slope, though. as easy as it is to go overboard on the eating and slack on the exercising, it's just as easy for me to go the other way, and exercise too much with not eating enough. it's a tricky one, but hey, i can accomplish anything, right?

i read that the two worst things any blogger can do is apologize for not posting and to be negative, and i'll admit, i'm guilty of both. i'm in awe of most of my blog roll - positive thinkers with much busier lives than mine, posting multiple times a day and having a blast doing it. one day - i'll be there, too. for now? i'm going to ride the wave, and like with everything else, simply do the best that i can. comparing myself to others definitely gets me into trouble from time to time, so my resolution this summer is to stop it.

this is turning out to be a pretty serious post, but i'm glad i've made it.
maybe now it'll clear the air to bring the fun back!


E said...

Glad to see you back!


Donna said...

The only person you have to please is yourself and you certainly are your toughest critic. Just doing the best you can is more than enough for me. you have accomplished far more than you realize. keep up the great work