Monday, May 4, 2009


Started off the day with a egg sandwich - 3 egg whites with a little Tabasco and a slice of Colby Jack on a Thomas light multi grain English muffin. It was perfect, and kept me satisfied during an unusually grueling Weighted Workout class.

After the gym, E and I were starvin' marvins, and decided to grab a bite to eat. We realized that we hadn't had Chinese food in MONTHS, and that it was time for a splurge. I started off with a half bowl of won ton soup, my favorite.

I went to go check out the sushi, but they'd run out - oh no! I grabbed a trio of cherry tomatoes, a tablespoon of surimi salad and half of an egg white.

Some broccoli, garlic shrimp, a potato slice, Teriyaki and Bourbon chickens, and finally, sushi!

More super-yummy sushi, and a couple of shumais.

Finally, some Chinese donuts, which were worth every calorie.

I didn't want my fortune cookie, but I did want my fortune.
The universe speaks once again!

We headed out on an adventure to find this 'secret' greenhouse E's co-worker was raving about - it was magical!

We ended up bringing home a couple of these guys, which easily weigh 25 pounds a piece.

We kept driving, and met up with the first set of in-laws for dinner at Bennigan's - I had the Turkey O'Toole without the cheese, mustard sauce on the side and half of the rice pilaf.

We headed over to the high school, and met up the second set of in-laws to watch E's little sister walk into prom - she was absolutely stunning!

We also got to spend some quality time with these guys!


E said...

That was a truly great day!

Thanks for helping me make that happen.


Stephanie said...

OMG food! Looks SO yummy! I miss sushi, damn you Carly! ;)
Evan's sister does indeed look beautiful ( but I think your prettier)

Donna said...

since when do you like tobasco so much. Claire looks beautiful but I also think you are much more beautiful. of course i am prejudiced. you make each day no matter how mundane seem like an adventure and each meal sound like a feast (even the ones that contain the dreaded tomato or asparagus)

Donna said...

ps the flowers are stunning