Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Woke up, had a piece of whole wheat toast with cheese and one third of a key lime pie Larabar, and just chilled. I had a lazy morning. And by lazy, I mean that I got to the gym at 8:49 a.m. instead of 7:30 a.m. My schedule was pretty packed: weighted workout at 9, aqua aerobics at 10 and meeting up with my friend Stacey in the pool for cardio at 11. How hard could it be? By the time noon rolled around, I was exhausted with a capital E (hi, Honey!). Come to think of it, it's almost three hours later, and I'm still tired. I also learned an important lesson today; even with a fractured tibia, Stacey's still a badass.

After the gym, we met up with her husband, Jay, and went out for Mexican. I didn't do fabulously; a handful of tortilla chips with salsa, turkey chili with a sprinkle of cheese on top, one and a half small corn tortillas. It could've been way worse, though, and after burning so much energy up in the morning, I needed fuel, and protein and carbs were screaming for me. We're supposed to be going for groceries tonight, so I'm hoping to pick up some fruit and veg, since both our fridge and freezer stock is pretty much gone! Hopefully between Aldi's and Kroger's, we'll be able to get out on the cheap!