Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Finds: Archer Farms' Buffalo Macaroni and Cheese

Even though E and I did all of our Christmas shopping online this year, it still felt like we were running around like headless chickens, tying up loose ends and getting last-minute necessities. On one particularly late evening with a hungry husband in tow, I caved, and pulled out another boxed meal I picked up from Target, Archer Farms' Buffalo Macaroni and Cheese. E and I are both big fans of hot sauce and blue cheese, so this seemed perfect for us!

Priced under $3, this meal promised 3 servings and a one-pot mess. It's pretty simple; bring a measured amount of water to a boil, add in both the pasta and powdered sauce mix, and cook until pasta is tender and sauce has thickened.

For me, this meal fell somewhat flat - although super-convenient and easy, the sauce never thickened fully, and was somewhat liquidy until it fully cooled. Maybe it's personal preference, but when it comes to pasta dishes, especially a mac and cheese, I like a nice, thick sauce that coats the noodles. In terms of flavour, this was okay. I didn't find this tasted like blue cheese or buffalo sauce at all, never mind a combination of the two. It just felt a little flat to me, and although E seemed to like it, this isn't something I'd choose to eat again, although I did appreciate the convenience of it.

I jazzed this up with some peppered feta cheese sprinkled on top and served it with celery sticks and cucumber ranch dressing, which did improve it slightly. A great value and really convenient, taste is important, and this just didn't do it for me.


E said...

I have a feeling that adding hot sauce to this may help the flavor along...but if you're going to do that, you might as well make your own version from scratch!

I do love mac'n'cheese, though.

Jessica said...

Hmm...that's interesting. I would have been thought about buying that too...